History of LUC

Founded in 1998, LUC was envisioned as an expression of the traditions practiced by its founding members; traditions that evolved over decades as a hidden and secretive Gay Leathermen counter-culture. LUC was to provide opportunities for learning, sharing, safety, communication and charity. For this purpose, the majority of LUC events are open to the public; these include monthly meetings, dinners and bar nights, regular classes and demonstrations, and the annual fundraisers, The Leather Prom and Leather & Lace. Within, the members share knowledge and experience to assist, guide and celebrate each other’s individual and ongoing Leather Journey, a life-long experience of personal growth and development that is far more demanding yet equally more rewarding than any classroom, work shop or book.

Meet the Board Members

President: Shadow

Vice President: Doc Tony

Treasurer: Misty

Sergeant at Arms: Alice

Secretary #1: Boof Leah

In self discovery and ridiculous amounts of goofiness, Boof Lia was born: slave, Switch, babygirl, primal liger, matriarch, and leather woman. The journey started in 2014 with many folx telling her she was too naive and feeble to be kinky. Little did they know how rebellious and hungry for knowledge she is. With the phrase “drinking stagnant water will kill you, and so will leading a stagnant life” Lia threw herself into the alternative lifestyle pool. In this time she discovered the heaviest of growth and the most beautiful colors pain that can came with it. In 2017 she attended her first leather convention and has been storming her own, earned path ever since. She joined LUC Jan 2019 and was on the board serving as secretary the very next year. Now being given the opportunity to be President and serve LUC and the greater community of Las Vegas, Lia has found herself in her most challenging and humbling experience of her kink life. She is looking forward to the new path carved into the journey and looks forward to helping others in such discoveries.

Secretary #2: Captain Tim

Captian originally from South Florida which is home and Las Vegas home away from home. He’s a Tech Engineer and avid lover of the sea and kink. He also heads the technical stuff, team and manages our website. He Loves to ride motorcycles and boats and will always find him on a beach or 80 feet below the ocean scuba diving for lobsters or fishing for tuna! He is a dominant leatherman in the kink space who enjoys leather and latex and has been in community for almost 8 years now.

Meet The Coordinators

Donations: TBD


If you have anything to donate or any questions about things you have donated feel free to email.

Education: TBD


If you have any questions about presenting a class, feel free to Email.