Leather isn’t just clothes, it’s a lifestyle

What does it mean to be Leather?

Responsibility, Integrity, Service, and Respect. The corner stones of the Leather Lifestyle. The Leather Uniform Club of Las Vegas takes these principles a step further and adds Inclusion and Acceptance to the mix. LUC is a Leather/Uniform/Fetish/Kink Lifestyle 501 (c)3 not for profit club Serving the BDSM/Kink/Leather/LGBTQ communities, and other civic charities

RESPONSIBILITY: Do what you say, and say what you do. 

INTEGRITY: Do whats right, even when no one is looking.

SERVICE: Doing for others, without expectation of return.

RESPECT: Treat others as you would want to be treated

INCLUSION: Come as you are, be who you are, without fear of judgement

ACCEPTANCE: Nobody is better or worse then anyone else, no matter how you identify

Our Partners

The Nunnery

We exist as an order of 21st-century nuns, dedicated to the promulgation of omniversal joy and the expiation of stigmatic guilt. Our ministry is one of public manifestation and habitual perpetration. We work to raise money for our Sisters AIDS Drug Assistance Program (SADAP); fight for queer rights and visibility; do safer sex outreach; and strive diligently to keep our sense of humor, never taking ourselves so seriously that we forget to have fun.

St. Therese

St. Therese Center, named after Saint Therese of Lisieux, is a Catholic ministry that welcomes and serves people of all faiths and extends the Lord’s healing to all persons infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

LV Boys of Leather

The mission of the Las Vegas boys of Leather is to provide a forum for, peer education and support, while on our journey as we contribute to other local nonprofit organizations and charities through community building, community service and fundraising.

The Center

The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada, a community-based organization, supports and promotes activities directed at furthering the well-being, positive image, and human rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community, its allies, and low to moderate income residents in Southern Nevada.


LUC of LV is a coalition partner as of 2020 and has joined the fight for sexual freedom on a national scale.

Leather Quilt Project

This Leather Quilt is displayed at Conventions and other events. It was proudly displayed at Sin in the City, the first BDSM Leather Convention in Las Vegas. The Leather Uniform Club of Las Vegas patch is included in the Leather Quilt. click HERE or click the image above to learn more about this awesome project.